UnidosUS is proud to be a partner of Proyecto 20%, a campaign dedicated to ensuring that at least 20% of the political appointments made by the Biden-Harris administration are filled by Latino/as.

The confirmation hearing of Isabel Guzman, Small Business Administrator, has begun and is the focus of the first blog of a series focusing on the importance of Latinos in the White House. Representation matters. Read below.

Isabel Guzman, nominated to lead the Small Business Administration.

As 2020 came to a close and a new administration entered the White House, our nation witnessed many firsts. Among them was the nomination of Isabel Guzman to lead the Small Business…

Philanthropic foundations have not sufficiently provided for the needs of the Latino community

By: Dr. Herman Gallegos

Dr. Gallegos is a pioneering civil rights activist and was founding executive director of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR)—now UnidosUS—and is a cofounder of Hispanics in Philanthropy.

“When someone with the authority of a teacher, say, describes the world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium as if you looked into a mirror and saw nothing.” — Adrienne Rich, “Invisibility in Academe” 1

Dr. Herman Gallegos

The COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests have exposed hard truths…

by Andrea Bazan, Monica Lozano, Ramon Murguía, Daniel Ortega & Jose Villarreal

Cecilia Munoz official picture from when she worked at the Obama Administration.
Cecilia Munoz official picture from when she worked at the Obama Administration.
Cecilia Muñoz was Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council during the Obama Administration.

As former Board Chairs of UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza), we applaud Cecilia Muñoz’ appointment to the Biden transition team. Latinos could not have a more qualified, authentic, and effective voice at the Biden transition table than Cecilia Muñoz.

For two decades Cecilia represented our community with distinction before joining the Obama Administration in 2009. She left UnidosUS with a distinguished record, having led the advocacy that preserved family-based immigration and created Temporary Protected Status for 800,000 Central Americans in 1990, restored billions of dollars’…

By Janet Murguía, UnidosUS President and CEO

Janet Murguía is President and CEO of UnidosUS, (formerly the National Council of La Raza), the nation’s largest Latino civil
Janet Murguía is President and CEO of UnidosUS, (formerly the National Council of La Raza), the nation’s largest Latino civil
Janet Murguía is President and CEO of UnidosUS, (formerly the National Council of La Raza), the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization.

Of all the people who have surrounded Donald Trump since he began his run for president in 2015, the one who has alarmed us the most is unquestionably Stephen Miller. Prior to his stint in the White House, Miller was a long-time staffer and point person on immigration for then Senator Jeff Sessions. In that role, Miller was the driving force behind Sessions, the most anti-immigrant and anti-Latino member of the U.S. Senate, and the primary reason that, in 2014, the best chance in recent history for comprehensive immigration reform was defeated.


By Emily Ruskin, UnidosUS Policy Analyst and Amina Sadural, UnidosUS Summer Fellow

In 2018, family separation entered the American zeitgeist. For most of us, the term immediately conjures mental images of children, crying for their parents at the border, deprived of basic needs. We collectively mourned the children who perished in our care, scared and alone; and we were outraged to learn infants as young as one-year old were being tried in immigration court. …

By UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía and National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial

Having campaigned on a platform based on fear and hatred of undocumented immigrants of color, this administration wasted no time shifting its focus to curbing legal immigration. A proposal to radically change the existing “public charge” policy would punish law-abiding, legal immigrants and restrict family-based immigration, one of the cornerstones of our nation’s immigration system.

Public charge is a decades-old term and policy that forms part of the green card application process and examines an applicant’s means to support themselves over the long…

By Janet Murguía, UnidosUS President and CEO

Credit: UnidosUS

Right before an election, like clockwork, articles start appearing in which some Democrats (and the occasional Republican) loudly lament the apparent apathy of Latino voters.

This year’s crop of stories has arrived right on schedule, epitomized by a recent front-page New York Times’s headline, “As Democrats Court Latinos, Indifference is a Powerful Foe.”

This is literally a headline that could have appeared in the New York Times in any election over the last two decades. Not because Latino voters are actually indifferent but because when faced with the specter of less than overwhelming…

People all over the country aren’t just outraged. They’re getting engaged. And thousands have already registered to become voters. From Philadelphia to Miami and Texas to Arizona, UnidosUS and our Affiliates are working hard to ensure that these new voters are able to advocate for the issues they care about.

Photo: Su Clínica

The major political parties do not invest large resources into voter registration or education. That is why the nonpartisan voter registration work of community-based organizations is so important.

At UnidosUS, we recognize the need and have acted. Since 2002, our Latino Empowerment and Advocacy Project (LEAP) has registered more than…

Since the Trump administration attempted to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the program has been repeatedly challenged in court. For example, this past January, a federal judge partially blocked the administration’s effort to sunset the program and allowed the 700,000 young people who had received temporary protection from deportation to renew their DACA status — but did not allow other young immigrants who may have been eligible to apply.

On August 4, a Washington DC District Court Judge ruled that the Trump administration must fully reinstate the DACA program on August 23, which would include accepting new applications…

We must make sure that everyone counts

The Constitution mandates a “count of all persons” to determine not only an accurate population count of the United States, but also to determine accurate political representation.

It is not a “count of all citizens” — it is a “count of all persons.”

It’s clear that the U.S. Census is vital to our democracy. And as we get closer to the 2020 census, there are two key issues that are relevant to the Hispanic community.

The first issue pertains to the 2020 census asking separate questions about Hispanic identity (one question for ethnicity…


The largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, UnidosUS works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.

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